Who are we?

      #SeamosUno is a private initiative articulated with the public sector, of a plural nature, which has the participation of various religious, third sector and business entities that came together behind the objective of reaching a MILLION with food and basic hygiene products of HOUSEHOLDS in a situation of vulnerability to the emergency generated by the pandemic and the effects of the quarantine.

The project is based on principles of Transparency, Management, Territoriality and Resources (funds and human and technical resources) to reach those who need it most. The Work Council that
convened itself from March 20 under the initiative #SeamosUno is made up of representatives of CIAS (Center for Research and Social Action), CARITAS, Food Bank, ACIERA (Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic ), Society of Jesus, the Council of Pastors of CABA and AMIA, IDEA, ACDE, AMCHAM, CEDOL and ABA. They also have the support and commitment of different business chambers, foundations and third sector organizations that continue to join the initiative, as well as the contribution of large and small companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and individuals who contribute time, knowledge and resources. to achieve the goal of one million boxes.

In these extraordinary moments that the world and our country are experiencing, the entire private sector is summoned to accompany this effort with donations that help reach one million homes. We are reaching out to all those sectors lacking informal income that do not have regular help from the state, and that saw their income interrupted as a result of the pandemic. Argentines are here for Argentines when they need it most.

For any questions send us an email to info@seamosuno.com.ar